Thursday, January 25

everyone, school is coming next week :|
but i love my friends, so yes.

i have almost forgotten what i done all week, except for yesterday. well, i went to have a meeting with a guy from ard in preston, skate ramp designers, yes, i was doing graphics work. the dude was sick, showed me how to make ramps, layout, blah blah! then went to michelle's house! it was lovely to see her, because i love that chick, and she loves me even more! watched summerland, tried to get a record player working, had a nice talk and looked through photos. there were some photos that we could blackmail cathy and janelle with, but yeh! its funny!!

then, we walked towards ashfield and then i went to monster skate park to take pictures for graphics, but i came at the bmx session! when i was supposed to go in the skate session, but oh well, same street and vert course anyway. yes, saw bmxers do backflips and wheelie bunny hops, and even grinds! pretty interesting stuff, not normally the stuff i see in skating. i need a new helmet so i can ride at monster, new trucks to flip better and a new deck because mine is half destroyed.


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