Monday, June 3


I explored Fennel this week. Mainly because I've never tasted fennel before and it had been catching my attention during my recent visits to the grocers. So I experimented with a few things- at first sniff I thought it would go well with onions and a bit of lemon. I took it home and ended up with a few things. Firstly, the spinach sauté with grilled haloumi was great ! Fennel has this strong character that I've been finding difficult to describe. The best thing I could do was that it was like a mixture of onion and mint chewing gum. HA! The second attempt was a pasta salad where I added tomato, bacon and coriander. After my recent encounter with coriander pesto I now have an enlightened appreciation for coriander. This herb is amazing in so many ways- convenient, versatile, yummy and fresh. Oh so good. Here let's have a look at what I made !!

Hope y'all enjoyed that! 

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