Wednesday, May 22


I've always loved the urbanscape. Perhaps it's the presence of rust, the beauty embedded in dirt, the claustrophobic congestion, the incessant activity, the deafening clashes and bangs and the piercing screams of ambulance and police cars.. It's the overall speed of it all. Could it be the adrenalin? Who knows. 

But what I love most about the city is its lack of space. An abiotic presence warranting the coexistence between elements both organic and inorganic. And here is where architecture shows off, art brings to reality the most vast imaginations. And culture, well it starts to speak for itself. Apparently, Japan does the urbanscape well. So does New York. But I've yet to see them for myself. For now, all I can say is, Sydney, you are one beautiful badass motherfucker. 

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