Monday, May 13

Frankie's Pizza, Sydney

Rock and roll, and pizza!

I love going to joints right on the CBD. It gives the corporate city of Sydney more of a character. And this one is not an exception. It's pretty cool. I like the fact that it's got a restaurant vibe as you walk in and behind the second set of swing doors, is almost like a rock and roll arcade. Good vibes and good tunes. Though it can get pretty packed even during the 'quiet' days of the week. And who ever is controlling the sound system, please settle on a volume to run throughout the night. There is no need to blast it - people end up shouting on top of each other and the whole room eventually becomes this massive sound mess like its trivia or bingo night or something. Apart from that, pizzas are good. Drinks on tap are different which is always a plus- one does not always wish to be having the same yeasty beverage.


Good stuff. See y'all there!

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