Wednesday, April 3

To my lovers,

Just to catch you up on things. My whereabouts, whoabouts and whatabouts.. A short summary on me being M.I.A.

Tumblr. For yummy pictures that catch me eyes Ive resorted to keeping my Tumblr (very fucking) alive (confession: that's where I've been these past few weeks :/ Though I try to keep it sane over there) If y'all want a piece of that, just head to

Twitter. I thought Ill never get into this. But I'm on it and I'm liking it. I feel so close to these musicians I admire (not in a stalker ish kinda way). I love seeing a personal side of them and their path to music making. And just recently, I found another love: To 'watch' Live NBA. I 'witnessed' my beloved Chicago Bulls breaking the Heat ! It was quite a thrilling experience for me. Great work to the commentators, I assume it can't be easy dictating descriptions on such a fast paced game! Finally, although personally keeping record of my life wasn't what twitter was intended for, when I managed to think of something witty once in a blue moon, its nice to have somewhere to put it on with not a care in the world who reads it, what it says about me, what do I mean... Etc. it's great. Because in life, most of the time, IT IS JUST WHAT IT IS.

Facebook is still there. I tried Pinterest but it didn't appeal to me at all... Okay, I'm feeling like the queen of social network. thank god I don't see myself needing LinkedIn. Professional social networking would just be too much to handle. It won't be my forte considering the fact that I can be quite profane.

Anyway, I've got this plan to have this most cherished blogspot of mine solely for write ups- reviews, stories and those endless poetic banter I sometimes feel like doing.

I love this space, and I hope you guys do too. Ill see you all very very soon !

- B

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