Monday, March 4


Barmuda, Newtown
Finally got to try this gem everyone has been buzzing about on a nice sunny Sunday morning for brunch with my best friend. The talk of the town is that this place is great. Tucked away on the cute Australia Street (one of my favourite streets in Newtown. FYI!) this place was radiating with life. Before I get into the part where I think this place is great, lets knock a few bumps first. Sunday brunches is everything but quiet-- and I understand that there will be elbow bumpings, order swapping, coffee burning, seat disappearing and worse comes to worse order forgetting incidents (This is death when you're really hungry) but I have accommodated for these and I think I'm pretty lenient when it comes to cafe service. But attitude from waiters, that shit ain't cool. If I don't take it from anyone else, I certainly wont have it from someone about to serve me one of my favorite meals of the day.

Two hungry birds with gleaming smiles of excitement, we reach Australia street. The place was packed (good sign)! So we hesitated the usual bulldozer style set up shop wherever you feel like entrance and courteously waited outside instead. The waitress saw - ignored - waited for a minute- spotted an empty table for two- waited for another minute- waitress saw- nothing. Awkward. What do you do? WE awkwardly (almost rudely) go inside past everyone hypnotised with their awesomely looking aliments, towards the table AND had to actually point out the obvious to this girl - We need a table for two. There's one available right here! Can we sit down...? Immediately ordered a mocha and the usual SFW. I will have to point out, I don't mind coffee delays. I understand that there will be a 10-15 maybe sometimes 20 minute delay on the coffee during busy hours but 30? Come on thats pushing it a little don't you think? If you run a joint where people had to wait that fkn long for their "coffee to start of with", that's fucked. Get another barista for fuck sake. Funny thing is the WAIT wasn't the issue, as I called for service to ensure that our coffee was on the way and not forgotten, we were met with more awkward bullshit -

Me: Hey we ordered a while back, a mocha and... (interupted by waiter dude)
Waiter dude: (in the most stoned way)  You diiiiid!!?, did youuuu?
Me: (taken aback) yeah, just wondering if all is well and that its on the way.
Waiter dude: Yeeeaaa were just really busy right nowwww. Its just a little lonnnnger than exxpeccted.
Me: Oh cool. thanks :)
Me and my friend: (what the f? hahaha? awkward?)

My friend went to Planet Newtown - Bacon, bread, eggs, sausages, mushrooms and tomato; while I opted for the Monster Steak Sandwich- scotch fillet, rocket and aioli. Where my order came without the steak.... (Awkward.).

The coffees came after the food - which is totally the norm in Awkwardville. Still anticipating for the coffees - my heart felt the slowly approaching steps as the waiter places the cups down on our table. Coffee was great but across the table is where shit got real. There we were, frozen in amazement - this jaw dropping, mouth watering, sexual orgasm defying, groan producing gift from chocolate heaven in front of us. My friend is so cool and she let me have the first sip, and ITS FUCKING GOOD. And just like that, all the weird encounters and complaints before this moment dissipated into thin air. Like magic. So good and so worth it. BEST MOCHA. THERE IS CHOCOLATE MOUSSE ON THE FKN RIM! I don't know how shit can top this shit off !! Compliments to the sweet barista - he says he calls it the Chocolate Volcanic Explosion.

Oh, explosion it was indeed ;-p

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Anonymous said...

You took the words right out of my mouth! Hilarious recount of our little journey through Awkwardville. Always a pleasure reading your write-ups, marii! Glad to be a part of this one! Dat volcanic explosion, yesssum! x

Anonymous said...

haha thank's !! That's the funniest thing I have read! !! Glad it was worth the wait!! Come back i'll make you another :p