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Written on: 21/12/2012

Hands down the best rapper this generation has ever produced. A story teller. Every line in his verse, every verse in a track and every track in his albums, have managed to capture hearts. At first I thought it must be great music, but last night I saw why. The delicate artistry behind each cypher, experimented on the reckless youth, whilst propelling a certain kind of wisdom. This 24 year old rapper from Compton, is anything but young and naive. Topped with his powers of entertaining, HE'S GOT IT. And last night, The Enmore Theatre exploded.

Kendrick Lamar was entertainment in its purest form - 'This is not a concert. This is a mother fucking party!' With this statement, he brought the whole theatre in a journey through the wild and dangerous city of Compton, the power of money, drugs and corruption, the decline and rise of the world and culture, his and every man's hunt for the self, inspiration and peace. All of these, whilst keeping the value of family and god sacred. Like many rappers alike, Kendrick also embodies the attitude, rage, aggression and energy needed to survive in this industry. But what makes him an exemplar from the rest, lies in his humility. And with this, he was able to capture his people - the young, confused, aggressive and energetic youth. His music spoke to you.

There is no question that Kendrick Lamar is oozing with talent. The amazingly doped up crowd moshed like it was the last day of existence as he ripped through his lines. This 24 year old is not just a mere rapper, he is a maestro. The Houdini. The Tutankhamen of Hiphop.

Looking forward to more K.Dot masterpieces. I am yet to see someone positively affected by fame and money. But here's a toast - To good music.

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