Thursday, November 8


People say not to have expectations because it gives room for disappointment. I mean, Albion Street - what happens on that street? And the name, Reuben, so personal and direct. HAHA! Despite it all, I had very high expectations for this one. With standards high, Reuben Hills met my expectations and surpassed it. It was all in the atmosphere - friendly, chilled and cool. And the rest just made it perfect.

I try not to overuse 'dope' as an adjective, but this cafe is exactly that! The Fluorescent lights, unpainted concrete floors and walls, exciting minimalist/modern decor gives this place an interesting personality. Throughout brunch, I found myself going crazy at the fluorescent lights! Such a great idea, giving the place a night time feel. And to add to the awesomeness of it all, THE PLAYLIST. I'm going to let you guys experience it for yourself. But much respect to whoever was/is in-charge of the playlist- not only was it exciting for me to hear the songs I listen to at home being played, but cool shit that music like that is still being shared :)

On this visit, we made sure that we got ourselves covered - food, coffee and tea. For food, we wanted to have everything. It all looked ammmmazing! But decision had to be made and chicken was the way to go. Ordered the Chicken in a Basket which was great and had the best salsa. Ever. Dirty Bird was the other choice and it was just spot on. For the coffee, I initially had my usual (thumbs up !) and followed it up with the Kenya Nyeri (butterscotch popcorn) filtered coffee, which was a little intense- intensity of the good kind that is. We ended with Assam black tea which is one nice fucking black tea.

My next visit, which will be very soon, I will try different dishes - The Not Reuben Wagyu and the Chorizo Gritz looks good !! Not a dessert person, but will definitely give it a go next time.

Anyway, besides some corrosion in their steel mugs (which I've seen at a few other places) (which i'm hoping is not deadly), overall good shit. It was so good that I was incessantly talking pictures of everything and everywhere sending it to friends - all while I eat, drink and talk. I'm sure they call it, BAWS MULTITASKING.

Enjoy these shots ;-)


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