Thursday, November 22


I can't say I am a dessert person. There are only probably a handful of desserts I have liked in my lifetime and fewer I still like and love. But I am open to try anything and when I do find the good shit- IT'S GOOD. Epitome of this example is this amazing Strawberry Watermelon Cake from Black Star Pastry in Newtown. Now I've loved this place for their coffee and overall vibe, but because I don't generally like desserts and cakes, and despite everyone saying that Black Star is great with their pastries, I've never tried anything. Until one immaculate day. From the moment this beautiful creation touched and tingled my taste buds,  I knew. I love this cake. It is my favorite. How can you not love a cake with crumble, cream, strawberries, pistachio  fkn strawberries and this amazing watermelon layer in the middle. Oh, lets not forget the sprinkled rose petals to top it off!! I mean its perfect.

Have a look through their cute website :
Better yet, pay them a visit !!

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