Friday, May 18


There comes a time that when you've anticipated for something for so long the fire dims and eventually dies. This was not the case on our (Me and Cathy) visit to Salvador Coffee in Darlinghurst. After more than a month of planning and contemplation, the rush of excitement and then a wave of disappointment, the time has finally come. We are here. Kings Lane. Number 32. Setting the scene was the familiar Burton St (more lively at night, I noticed) and a very interesting stone wall structure almost bordering the heart of where great things happen. Just down from Tap Gallery and to your right.

First thing that comes to mind is the simplicity of the place. There's nothing to hide here. Custom made timber tables and chairs made to best cater for coffee tastings, also called "cupping" and of course, to the man behind the coffee magic. Though simple, the attention to detail was just as crucial. Since coffee is complicated enough, "I wanted something simple." Illuminated by natural light, this two storey coffee emporium/ chill out cafe has more to offer than what you see. While coffee roasting takes places upstairs - bask in the glory of the roasting sounds and the view of a monstrous but amazing machinery - you, with your awesome cup of coffee begin an interesting journey.

Check it out.

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Cathyloves said...

Beautifully worded my friend :-)