Monday, April 2

a post about

a city called Melbourne.
Union lane. One of the many lanes that meanders throughout the city of Melbourne.  These walls are covered with works from both novice and internationally recognised artists. Good stuff!!
Industrial. This is the cool view from our hotel :) Very 19th century middle class indeed. But the actual reason I took this picture was to show my siblings that even miles apart, I still think of Supernatural. Hahahaha addict!

Cafe alleyways. This would probably be the thing I love most about Melbourne. A street/lane paved with both cool and dingy looking cafes yet serving some of the best coffees I've had. Come on. You and I both know I won't be able to resist this.

Bike pervin. A trip ain't a trip until your eyes start hurtin from bike perving

Brunswick St. A cute cafe, Argos loves company. It was abit overcast when we visited Brunswick St, but I still liked it. And if the weather was slightly better and we spent more time in this strip, I might actually love it. I might not want to come back. That's dangerous.

Shneaky Shneaky. Just a cute couple on Brunswick St. Hihihihi. Loving her red pullover and his bike :) Yea I'm stalkerish like that.

The Black Aces. Is this rock metal band I came across strollin down the streets of Melbourne on the way to an early morning hangover feed. Nice of them to give me a memorabilia :) 

Chapel St. Another one of those markets.
Good bye. This very average looking, but badass chain is what is left of my skull necklace.  Quite a devastating affair considering all the craziness in 2011 that we went through together. Gaaaaddaayym.
Kush. Smoke good, drink good, live good. I just had to ;)
Love tea. I should've taken this home. Not exactly sure why I didn't

Bros fo life. + the one taking the picture. Gadddamit!
/The end

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