Sunday, April 1

The night before

was the long awaited Cake Wines Pinot Launch. This is a great deal because an amazing local artist, Kevin Tran has been chosen to feature one of his artworks on their label. It was a temperate autumn night outside, but a volcanic steam engulfed the interior of the China Heights Gallery. Me and this gallery, we go waaaaaay back. It's been a home to various warehouse sales, a setting for an interview and numerous art exhibits. However, this evening, just as Cake Wines launches their pinot range, it was jam packed with characters from various worlds united with a common interest - the curiosity in the new wine range, friends and family gathered in support for the talented artists involved and let's not forget, free fuckin booze! Besides the oven-like heat - the temperature reached a level where everyone was reciting the chorus to Nelly's Hot in Here. Not to mention in perfect harmony!! Ok enough about the temperature. The night was fantastic. The wines exceeded an expectation (That's always GOOD!) The turn out was great, an overall successful evening.

And to reiterate, congratulations to an amazing, talented and humble artist that has now become a friend, Kevin Tran. Thank you for gracing Sydney with such an eye for detail and creativity and for never ceasing to prove the importance of hard work in such a competitive industry. Great stuff.

For the unfortunate ones who weren't graced with amazingness the night before, here are some pictures for  a short and sweet vicarious journey :) You know, I got cho' back.

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