Wednesday, March 21

Let's talk quality meats

So, winter is just around the corner. And Sydney weather have been making sure we realise the inevitable approach of winter. But with that lousy, almost pathetic summer we just had, I can't wait! As soon as the first drop of winter goods arrived- red cotton gloves, as a graduation gift from my friend, the excitement have not ceased. So, were back here. Before I begin, I want to mention the crucial point that the best thing about my work is the lovely people that make it amazing. I've got the coolest boss and he has introduced me to so many crazy shi in the world in his time and now. So one day, he got talking about DQM. They've got the usual tee, cap, chinos but because of all the winter vibe i've been getting, here are some of the cool things that have captured my attention!!

This winter. Beanies and Socks.

Fucken right.

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