Saturday, February 11

The Strand Arcade, Sydney

A luxury to some but a home to many. The Strand Arcade would probably be one of the most classical building I will ever see. Tucked away between the modernised monstrosities paving the Pitt St mall, this classy little walk through is not of the average. Fashion brands like Gorman, Bettina Liano, Alannah Hill, Leona Edmiston; to stationary entrepreneurs Kikki K; breakthrough beauty products from Aesop; not to mention several quality shoe repairs stalls, lingerie boutiques ... And let's not forget the music, gaming and movie retail giant, JB HIFI. There's a lot of treasure to be found in this little decorated alley.

Greeted by a cute little chocolatier with an almost hidden staircase leading underground to a small dark cafe, Bon Bon. The walk through this built environment is a journey to an era when things were a little less infected by technology and when the hierarchy was still strictly governing society.. And interesting ride if you ask me :)

And as Valentines Day draws near, The Strand is looking prettier than ever. So why not make this one of your V-Day gift pitstops! If not, give yourself some alone time to appreciate one of Sydney's prettiest retail space.


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