Monday, February 13

Minimal wears Uniform Wares

So, Uniform Wares.

Just as when you thought the minmalist movement was nearly a century ago, pop culture brings it back to life and minimal is still grand. This entry is about a British contemporary timepiece producer, Uniform Wares. Born in 2009 this fairly new company's philosophy is to create timepieces that serve both practicality and aesthetics using the most minimalist designs. Watches are for telling time - Uniform Wares incorporates this by the simple yet dramatic contrast between the watch face, dial and time markers. Kinda reminds you of those dead boring clocks you see in examination halls. We all dread them, but they are darn good at telling time! What else do you need a watch for? These everyday wrist watches are a mixed of Japan and Swiss movement, and the conception, development and designing process take place in London. It ranges from a simple everyday wear, their 100- 250 series which are about $175- $600 to the more sophisticated chronograph 300 series watch, which is about $800.

Like many international goods, stockists of Uniform Wares in Australia are fairly limited. Sydney has them in INCU - Paddington and both mens and women The Galleries store. INCU Melbourne- Flinders and Albert Coates Lane.


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Design is simple, straight forward and bold :) :) :)