Sunday, February 5

Heart to Hart

Remember that Seafolly ad campaign where we all wondered why the industry would hire a model with a gap between her front teeth? That's Jessica Hart. Well the answer is because she's still pretty damn hot even WITH the gap. Some are just blessed with aesthetics. And to add to that, shes got some more great energy to contribute to the fashion design industry. Yes, perhaps nowadays everything seem to look the same - everyone is experimenting with different materials, some work some don't. Let me introduce you to Neon Hart. Jess Hart's very own label for General Pants. Now I can see some smirks and some huffs and puffs, well I if a good thing is working then why not create more. And when traveling, saving, moving out, career is the current priority why not be able to ride in style? Neon Hart in this light, gets two thumbs up :)

These are my two favourites. The sheer slouch tee. Opaque at the front and sheer at the back. Just the way it should be. With a nice lingerie bra, you are set, not for a slutty night out but a sexy and mysterious one. For those who can't find the different between 'slutty' and sexy. Or perhaps fail to separate having lingerie and lace to prostitution - well you need to open your mind more, idiot. If not, back the fuck up.

Sheer lace top

The Pu Bustier captures that minimalistic touch mixed with a little bit S&M ambience to it. I bought something similar from Bettina Liano for my birthday a while back and I've only worn it once and the wire frames just failed me long before the night ended.. I find this slightly more appealing actually because of the addition of shoulder straps and just that minimalistic design to it. And it's cheaper.

Pu bustier

Sometimes, 'brands' shouldn't be the be-all and end-all of your decision to purchase.

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