Tuesday, January 17

making it up to you

I have to admit, I haven't been a good citizen of the inter-web. Reason? Hmmmm I can try my hardest to pick on a few things, but they would all sounds like excuses and we don't want that. So I've cleaned up this white mess and I hope you like the subtle changes. Thought it a fantastic idea to keep it neat and simple :) Hope it's a little easier to navigate around the contents of this page. You have your main blog coloumn. On your right, is the usual followers, music, labels, shopping links, the 20% off voucher for Tobi.com and archives. The difference is that the "newspaper" section, where you all get to see the other lovely artists and writers that continue to inspire me, is now at the bottom of the blog coloumn. I am aiming to grow this list when I get a hold of Chronos and ask him to spare me some time, as I seem to be battling with the shortness of days (even though it's daylight savings) and the amount of work I have to get done (at least aiming to do!) ! Anyway, I hope y'all like it. Because I do. So excited of the Blogger app, I can't seem to contain it ! Hahahahahha!

I'll leave you with some of the amazing finds from Tobi. I forgot what an assortment they provide - brand names, local and everything that necessary for your ensemble is here. And I thought they were crazily expensive, but I'm not sure.... the prices seem to be alright !!

A must have: Pencil skirt.

In mocha
In black

Feeling rogue? : Cassidy Denim Jacket

 Nightie or Outie? : Lace Trim Rayon Shorts

What do you guys think?

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