Thursday, October 27

As Christmas crawls at its rate and Haloween draws closer, I can't help but realise how quick this year have gone past. With each passing day we are nowhere close in answering the ultimate paradox of life, its meaning. In Mexico, the week of the dead is celebrated through an artistic expression of the painting of skulls. I find this so symbolic and also enlightening as instead of families and friends mourning their loved ones, they celebrate the life they've had with and without them. And although many cultures don't embody the tangible portrayal of death through the 'sugar skull' I realise that the symbolic nature behind the traditions surrounding the celebration of life and death between tribes are indentical.

Having said this, its almost a shame to see sugar skulls everywhere. It's been an object of the current trend - a fad. My less cynic self is saying that perhaps they do respect this tradition and that this is their way of celebrating the dead and everyone should be free to do so. If that's the case, fantastic. If not, then you are a part of making one of the most spiritual, unique and sacred celebrations, nothing but a superfluous art. But I guess each to their own, right?
Death exists, not the opposite, but as a part of life. - Haruki Murakami

Honor the world around you as you please. Have a good day everyone!

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