Tuesday, August 30

Post event lag

After an exhilarating weekend surrounded by the encapsulating palate of green, covered in a frosty fog and populated by the northern community and their boats (dont let this distract you from their incapacity to make a decent cup of coffee), there is no doubt that post-event depression will be an issue for me this week! It has been two days and I am still experiencing a lag. There's something so beautiful and addictive about the time we take to escape from the mundane routine that seems to take over us. The journey to a place, where cell phone reception is close to none existence then becomes a time you start to appreciate life in it's simplest but most beautiful form.. And when you get back to 'reality' you spent each and everyday anticipating for the next break.

Alot like surfers waiting in vain for that next big wave :) I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Thank you for reading !

Ps. Apparently lil Wayne has released his new album. This will be intereting considering I despised his previous one. Alot to listen to and catch up on the world of music. I haven't even listened to the JayZ and Kanye release. WHHAA ??!! Oh dear. This will be tougher than I thought :O !!

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