Tuesday, May 24


Music never have the same effect to a person nor does it sound the same for two (or more) people. And sometimes, money and career is not all that matters. Let me introduce you to the one and only, Gene.

In a room filled with even the utmost random of things, Gene never fail in flooding the room with romance and class. Having come from a city reverberating the sounds of soul, r&b and slow-jam, and from the influences of his family, life, love and friends, his approach to music is to keep it tight and sweet. Starting early in front of a karaoke machine, this young sweetheart lifted his audience with nothing but honest entertainment.

The biggest of all surprises come from the smallest of all packages. Persevering through highschool, this self taught musician aim to touch hearts on a small scale. Though it doesn't end just yet. Recording for the first time back in 2007 and a number of collaborations and gigs following that until 2010, Gene is praised on his remarkable musical talent in the company of friends and families at weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Currently assembling a masterpiece, there is not a hint of slowing down from this absolute entertainer.

Belief is the key. Influences help you to learn new things and set goals.

"My advice is to keep doing what you love doing.. if it's your dream to follow a career in performing arts, then you should follow it. Never let peoples negative words affect you as everyone has the potential... Remember to keep practicing, keep your head up and good luck!"

Top three countries to travel: 
Britain (Just to watch topgear! )
hometown, Philippines.

Most recommended Tattoo parlour:
The Tattoo Asylum located in Old Mt Druitt. Ask for the tattooist Ysrael!

You can find out more about Gene @ youtube.com/bustapwet

Warning: The contents of this link may cause a certain sensation commonly known as 'stomach butterflies'. If by any chance a song may relate to you, a teary response may also occur.

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