Friday, March 25

Two to tango, Ello C to reign

Ello C aka Charles Elloso, a self explanatory stage name arising from a corroboration of previous aliases and simplicity. You may know him more formally as the next bad ass rapper that is set to rock your world. Scared yet, well don't be. He may be producing some of the meanest rap lyrics in town and yes, he may be such a bad ass in videos but this down to earth, talented and humble genius is one to strengthen hearts. With a stage delivery filled with passion that is seen and heard in his music, there is also no doubt he is one to look out for !

Deriving a style from hip-hop's most influential, 2Pac, Biggie and Bone Thugs N Harmony, kick starting his ability to announced words with speed, rhyme and rhythm in Men in Black by Will Smith and The Real Slim Shady by Eminem and working towards the drive to produce original lyrics to these existing masterpieces arose a much loved hobby of 'freestyling'. From here, the ball continued to roll.

But it's not all sunshine and daisies for this young wanderer. Coming from a not so appreciative community overseas to a more open and music loving Sydney, Ello C has seen most of the knots and crosses of it all. 'Life is not worth living if you’re scared to follow your dreams! Yes people are gonna disagree with your opinions, yes they’re gonna talk smack and find ways to make you feel low but that’s the world for ya..' There is a distinct difference between those who speak of reality like it is and those who hate and this 22 year old is not the latter. Sending his love in the form of music, he reiterates the importance of perseverance and hard work. Goal setting, self control and loved ones are some of the most important aspects of not losing yourself to the industry.

'Don’t worry bout it let em shovel your shit later when you’ve made it !'
When I first met with Ello, I can see why his intentions and personality can be easily mistaken - Straight faced with a serious vibe. I mean what do you do? But this guy is the epitome of the common adage, "don't judge the book by it's cover". In the same reflection of his music, his personality and humor is one that you wont forget. True musician and character. 

Where to next? The night is young and for this young rapper bursting with one of the rawest energies I've seen and having no care about the pressures of society for what it wants him to be, the vast horizon is the only limit.

'Watch out for the second installment of my mixtape series, No Name Fame  Vol. 2'
 Favourite shoes?

. Asics (JOKES)
. Vans, Nike and Converse .

Favourite beer?
** All pictures courtesy of!/ellocmusic

From this point, you should be sitting there wondering where to go next. And it shouldn't be a long and thoughtful decision, my friends - Check out and subscribe to ElloC27tv   and befriend him at ELLOMUSIC

Come on. Have a fucking listen. Adios! :D

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