Monday, March 7

Set and Sail Away !!

Great music stems from the ability of the instruments to come together in a magical ensemble so beautiful that it can communicate a simple universal statement and at the same time leaving a doorway of ambiguity to the listener.

As The Boat Song plays in the background one cannot help but feel the energy embedded within the twitter of the violin, the clangy beats from the drums and the sweet melodic rush of vocals. This is just a minuscule example of the exceptional talent behind Sydney's up-and-coming musical treasure, Set Sail. After weeks of playing hit and run, this trio has been a hard one to catch. Walking the streets of Sydney, they celebrate life, people and music with their reverberating sounds of raw quirky pop week after week. And they seem to be far from taking a break!

M: What is your genre?
J: Ah...m.. I’m not too sure. What do you think?
M: (millions of things in mind) I’m not really a fan of music categories because there’s too much ambiguity so I just settle for describing it... If I had to place a word for you music, it’ll be…. Timber. (smiles)
J: Timber. I like that.

Set Sail has been delivering sounds from Mumford and Sons, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, to name a few, with exceptional energy. But their personality, humour, and spirit are illuminated in their originals. As mentioned, on one end, you’ve got The Boat Song, which has the power of transforming anyone’s frown upside down. Then you’ve got the heart melting, Salt n Pepper. And after getting to know these amazing fellas, there is no doubt that their new goods (EP and album) will be worth the anticipation.

Let me introduce you to the family: Joshua on the drums, Josiah on the violin and the lovely Brandon on the guitar and main vocals. Three personalities, infinite inspirations, one music. This magic is delivered to you in full throttle. Don't believe me? Have a knack at them one awesome day down at Pitt St mall or the QVB intersection and hear for yourselves. Though make sure you do all that BEFORE the end of April.

Three things Josh loves about drums: DW, 13”9, Sex
Brandon’s Beers: Blue Moon, Tangerine Ale
Courtesy of John Sison

Come May and they will be touring. Here's a short (not in order) plot: Beginning in Melbourne towards Tokyo. They make their way around South East Asia to Europe and its East, Russia, Germany, Spain, France and others. No doubt you will catch them in London. Let the streets of New York roar! There will be more continents and cities involved. It was just too much to handle over breakfast so I'll spare you guys the overwhelming rush of excitement and just leave it to spontaneity, surprise and anticipation! All the excitement will be documented by their fantastic film crew. It is almost like you are personally on tour with them. The best thing about it is that there are a lot of details and ideas in mind but nothing set on stone!

A cauldron of music, energy, adrenalin, friends and amazing listeners - what more can you ask for?

Working on the production and release of their EP and preparing for their upcoming badass tour, it will be a busy year. With an exhilarating drive to pursue their collective passion for music, adventure and spontaneity, these laid back guys are nowhere close to lazy! Watch out for this trio as their boat is sure to wash up at your nearest shore.

Picture from: Set Sail

All aboard. Listen. Set your sails and let the wind take its course.

M: Muffin or Cupcake ??
Josh: Muffin
Brandon: Muffin

: )

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