Thursday, March 24

Greenhouse by Joost, The Rocks

This is the art installation/temporary restaurant-cafe-bar that existed at The Rocks for a few weeks but is now history. It saddens me to say that I didn't get to visit this place in its full glory. Don't get me wrong, I've BEEN to it - twice. However, both instance were a failure. First was when we arrived past trading hours and second time was when we saw it in its peak that we were asked to be on the waiting list - an hours wait.. With food, waiting is not an option.

But I love the concept of re used materials. And come on, how can you not automatically fall in love with a wall of small plant pots! It's crazy. I nearly tripped when I peaked a little closer and my eyes adjusted! WALL OF POT PLANTS!! ARE YOU KIDDING ?!!

Here's a link to some of the things Joost is about:


So who's been here ? What's it like? What do you feel about it? Any thing AT ALL?

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