Tuesday, February 1

i say, you say, they say

Who exactly dictates what to do in life and love? This is slightly a precedent to the post of similar topic below. But I'd like to look into it further. I used to think that once you see beauty and you want it, you do what you can to get it. Seems straightforward but it seems to be the crazy thing to do. Eventually, you find yourself in this whirlwind of infinite questions of:  Whattodo?Whattosay?Whentodo?Whentosay? running through your inner psyche. Some would suggest on doing what you're comfortable with. But sometimes, that's a crazy thing to do. Some insist on following the book dictating the social norm of courtship (That's if such book exists. Though people strongly think it does). I basically have no idea. Not too sure where this post will go in terms of subject. But I guess, what I'm trying to say is... or at least where I am at is that :

Love and life is perfectly crazy. I say why not be crazy with it.

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