Friday, February 4



On a day that is adoringly bright and free of complications, one cannot help but find themselves pursuing a day filled with food, quality conversations, music, road trip with a lovely friend. Instead of the usual breakfast in a cafe, we trekked to Bronte beach to make use of such a lovely hot summer. So, those of you complaining about the boiling quality of summer, NO SHIT SHERLOCK! MAN THE FUCK UP! When did a 'freezing summer' ever exist. Going a little side tracked there...

Let me introduce you to this cute little cafe at Bronte beach called...

Bogey Hole Cafe.

How cute is that name ?! People were lovely. Food was great, namely the Moroccan Chicken and the Chicken baguette. Hmmmmm... Coffee was from Toby's Estate and it was made exquisitely. Then I ended the meal with their heavenly mixed fruit juice (pineapple, mango and watermelon) !!


Weather was amazing ! Look at those clouds ! Isn't that the epitome of freedom ! At the beach, the lovely lass got a second taste of the possible wrath of a blue bottle sting..

Ah Dear Bronte. It's been a long time since we last saw each other. Hundreds of hours have passed and memories created and forgotten, you are still as beautiful as the last. If not more so. I will see you again dearest. Readers, this is where I leave you to enjoy the rest of this entry...

Awesome day off. Breakky adventures = Madness; Too lazy to get back to work

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