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Branch Away

There’s always something surreal in those people who have a passion for ‘things’. We go through endless procrastination and intense contemplation in finding what is a ‘cool thing’ to be passionate about these days. To those searching for their souls, you are in luck! Little Branch is here to offer not only inspiration but also to give you a taste of how amazing it is to walk that path with nothing but your spirit and knowledge to guide you through. Little Branch is Maree and Anna in their purest form. Maree is a collector of beautiful little things like cards and papers mainly. On the other hand, you have Anna, who loves to draw. Collaborating on two books (what better way to meet your partner in crime soul sista!) and sharing countless brews of jasmine tea, it’s no surprise that this fusion of opposites would create something magical.

I find myself feeling some oriental yet modern vibe to this. The colour palette dares to be different with their use of contrasting and bright colours in some, yet staying true to neutral in others. From the darkest of reds to the slightest touch of pink, you will be taken care of. Everyone knows how much I adore simple designs and palette. This is what attracted me to Little Branch. However upon entering their cute little room at the Gaffa Gallery in November, I was stunned by how much I also love... colour. Oh, it is a constant battle with me in deciding whether to go simple or add drama to my life. Wait there's more! The room was fitted with branches, wooden bowls, brown paper and on a white painted room, it was an organic heaven. Then it struck me, these guys are friends with our dear Earth. I was jumping for joy and admiration (on the inside of course) of how passionate they were for art and the environment.. Passion runs through the very core of Little Branch. It transforms a simple talent into one of the brightest beams of light. They create masterpieces from the simplest form of matter and over intense and entertaining conversations about love and life.

What sparked the designs? Anna: Wet leaves on the street, 18th century fabrics, collage, origami paper, Egon Schielle, old copies of English Vogue...conversation and fashion filtered in the most abstract way...That and the desire to make beautiful recycled paper products. Maree: We were also looking at pieces of origami, working in big bed socks dreaming of summer and evoking it with paintings of  flowers, and always the hum of random conversations against the backbeat of my beloved Red Hot Chilli Peppers. 

 At the very core of it all, why create Little Branch? Anna: I could confidently say that both of us want the freedom of working for ourselves and a job that allows us to be near our kids. Until big creative agencies have childcare I think more and more women will do what we are doing, starting a business in the garage, the side room and on the kitchen table.

If you were not in the career you are now, what would you be? Anna: A forest activist. But there is time for that as well! Maree: From the moment I was in Year 10 trying to decide on my career in life I said to the careers counsellor 'I want to do that" and point to an ad in a magazine. And ever since then I have been on that design path. Before that I had wanted to be a fashion designer, but I hate sewing and then I used to do experiments with my chemistry set for thinking of being a pharmacist!

Despite the challenges of being in the design industry itself, Maree and Anna are heroines. Their ability to balance work, art and family is greatly admired. The energy of these amazing women cannot be mistaken for anything else besides the dedication to pursue the career they love and bringing along with them, the very important people in their lives – family. 

Where to from here? Anna: I fancy textiles, silk scarves and books. I love making books with Maree. Because she totally gets it. Maree: Children's books, Textiles and maybe wallpaper. Anna is dying to do silk scarves! Tote bags would be cute in our designs... I LOVE bags!

Little Branch is a product of hard work, talent, passion, love and music. But perhaps the most important of all is Maree and Anna's desire to create things. That special feeling of accomplishment at the very first glance of what you’ve created. With this in mind, there is therefore no doubt that you will only be receiving nothing else but the very best of works by these glorious artists. Although Maree and Anna may come in a package of opposites, they see the same beauty, hear the same melody and dance to the same rhythm – art. 

Three restaurants? 
 Anna: I love La Strada on Jersey. It's above the Light Brigade Hotel in Woollahra. It's got very flashy almost dilly decor but the food is big, honest and quite sexy without being stupidly expensive.
Lucio's in Paddington. The crab pasta, entree size, a radicchio salad and a glass of champagne. Very sophisticated and yummy.
 The yum cha place in World Square.
 Maree: Grafik in Crows Nest - super cool little cafe with fantastic coffee
Tablespoon in Lindfield - fab coffee and delicious danishes
Sous le Soleil in Roseville - sweet little French inspired shop/cafe. Coffee is great as are the muffins. 

There you have it, beauty on demand. If you’ve loved what you’ve read so far, this is Little Branch. Forever they will stay in the land of where the beautiful things are. Spirit and dedication doesn't fall short in Anna and Maree. You can see this in the subtle nuances in their design. It's art bursting with life, memory and every piece has a story to tell. 

So do yourself a favor, my dear friends, experience Little Branch for yourself. It's the new year, try something different. Add colour in your palette or start a neutral approach. No matter what, it is without a doubt that Little Branch has something creative and filled with personality for you to enjoy. Have a fantastic 2011. Thank you for continuing to read this blog. I am truly in awe.

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*All pictures from Little Branch's website.

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