Saturday, December 18

Understatement. Underground.

2010 has been a year of amazing album releases. Last night, I posed a question to my friends: Album of 2010? This is hard and I still haven't decided on one yet. I mean, come on! Angus and Julia Stone's Down The Way, Rihanna, Julia Stone, Kanye West, Jay Z, Eminem.... We could go on. Just yesterday, I heard Kanye's, Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. And it was great! Though hip-hop have been praised mainly on their delivery of killer beats, no one has really bothered to focus on the talent in rap and the poetry embedded in them. Though most songs portray the stereotypical life of poverty, violence, drugs, girls and money, some amazing ones have poetic expressions only evident in rap music. And the best ones cleverly incorporate musical techniques, which makes it gold. And I say that with great certainty.

Here are a few songs I have been very keen on.
First one is Kanye's Runaway. Musicality.
Second, Ello C and Kid Boom's cover of Black and Yellow. Talent.

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