Saturday, December 4


In times of trouble, there is nothing like a motivating set of wordstrings to make you feel better. It doesn't eliminate the problem of the problem, it just helps you forget about a particular shit in life for a fraction of a second. And in essence, that's really all we need to get back into rational thinking.

Sometimes, we get many things our way. There is amazing food around the corner, a great friend is only a call away, your favorite boutique just opened, the most anticipated market is in town, an awesome collection of shorts by a great denim brand launched for the opposite sex looks fantastic on you and work isn't being a bitch. Life in general - is great. However, some days, it's the total opposite. You despise the outcome of the past year, blame is laid upon those who've hurt you, and there is, to a certain degree an unsuccessful completion of a goal. There are those who succumb to failure and sadness but there are those, who, like the weed pushing through the cracks on the pavement, continue to keep moving. Whether you go about it with hope, anger, determination or peace. There no wrong way.

But more often than not, we find ourselves in need of distraction. On a nice little off corner of Fitzroy St, Surry Hills, there is a love den filled with fantastic goodies. At first it almost seem invisible but once you get your coordinates right and take on the challenging 18 steps with an insane croak of a frog (which scared the shit out of me at first) as a welcome note, you are brought to paradise. This baby have the some of the best things in town. Stocking treasures from Vivienne Westwood, Cheap Monday, Dr Denim, Skinny Nelson, Tiger of Sweden, TMOD and The Horse, to name a few, this place is definitely where insanity is at! Somedays Store and Gallery.

When you have a pocket full of dollars, this is your day. For those who still await that magical day where their accounts start to accelerate, its not... some day maybe?

Fitted with a great layout, leaving a spacious decor for all kinds of calamities both good and bad to happen, Somedays Store is also a gallery. Huh? Yes it is. Which makes it even crazier! They've just featured the lovely Skinny Nelson colaborating with Mia Mala McDonald, Thread. And is now featuring Tin and Ed, United Eye. And program for next year's events will be available soon. Go on their website to look at what you've missed this year. For those interested in booking a spot for your masterpieces to be seen by many, there is also a link to the person of contact! I simply can't wait for 2011.!

Here are M & S trying on some great pairs of Dr Denims

There you have it, Somedays Store and Gallery. The epitome of all fashion love dens in the world.
72 B Fitzroy St, Surry Hills is where the party is at, gangsters!

Lazy people miss out on things. So don't. Go hard or go home because some days you'll get it right, other days, you won't but it will always be an adventure.

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