Wednesday, December 15

Not an oldie but still a goodie

Justcrue just had a face lift! Beginning with an initial interest in changing some bits and pieces, I failed to bring the site back with it's original banner. So after a long and intense few hours of coming with something that is not too different from the previous look yet something newer and with the help of my amazing crime buddy... What you see before you is what we've come up with. There are a few cool things.

Firstly, there is now an 'ENSEMBLES' category which is basically the poverty-ish version of the Sartorialist. It is local as opposed to international. If you know and follow the Sartorialist, then you know what it's about. For those who do not, it is simply a collection of clothing ensembles worn by lovely people found on the streets of Sydney. I hope you girls and boys love it.

But perhaps the most interesting thing here is the badge that can be found on the right hand side of the site. is an online store filled with gorgeous, expensive, but amazing treasures from different high end brands. They have sales and they have promos. They have coats as much as they have summer wear. They've got jewelry and they've got shoes. All you need to do is take a stroll around their paradise. Find something you want. Flick through you purse/bank account and decide whether to purchase of not. And at the check out, if you type in the code CHELSEA20, you are entitled a 20% off discount for full priced items. I say, AMAZING! I hope you find this site as interesting and fantastic as I did. Check out their brands by clicking on the badge. Enjoy and know that I will be beside you (shopping away!) as you take on this self destructive journey of online shopping! Good luck and HAPPY SHOPPING. !!!

It doesn't end there. As proud as I am with the features this year, I'd like to take it up a notch for 2011. We only live once, so there is just no room to contain yourself in a limited space. Go out, discover, talk, shout, meet, cry and laugh! I will be on an intense search of characters worth sharing with you lovely elves! If you have any suggestions on who I could feature, feel free to email me. I would love to share your discoveries with you!

Thank you very much.

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