Wednesday, December 1

Loomstate Organic

Canvas bag have not ceased to fascinate me. I love things that are raw and as simple as possible. And if you know me even more, I love organic. Loomstate is the shiz.! Basically, I saw this tee on Lost at E-Minor (which you guys should totally check out! It's filled with so many amazing things. I can't even explain what it's really about. GO!) and the alcohol-love kicked in, I just had to get it! But unfortunately I cannot find it. So if any of you can, please please please let me know!
Printed tee from Loomstate
So I go on to their site and it was filled with simple nothing, which is definitely a good sign. A simple template, a 'shop' icon, and an 'accessories' tab! Oh heaven. It gets better when I found this canvas bag! Glory. Isn't this beast just beautiful? Tell me what you think. Oh and if anyone knows of any other fantastic simple canvas bags available in the world wide web, I want to know about it! ASAP.
Owl Tote by Loomstate
I am still experiencing the excitement for Finders Keepers. This market sparks something weird in me for some reason. AHHH!I will definitely bring plenty of pictures and features for you children when I come back from it on Friday and Saturday !

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