Friday, November 12

spontaneity in its best

So take this, a few weeks ago, to celebrate the end of the academic year we headed to this convenient and awesome Mexican fast food restaurant, MadMex to satiate our lady-like craving for large-sized burritos. At the end of this challenge, we headed to the art show happening across Sydney at the time. Numerous hilarious and random conversations later, we make our usual pitstop, Max Brenner. Where together with the boys, fed our urge for chocolate. This is where the group separated. Some headed home, others to another love den and some headed to a place where the wild things are.

Yes, the custom's house. I am not kidding, but it was for a friend's bad ass of an art installation. Just as you'd think we're done, the hunger for adventure won't have it. We hopped on the next ferry and did a circle around the neighboring areas in Double bay. Came back to the installation, pushed some buttons and wala! Tired, and were done!


There was no moral to the story, except that, we. You and I. Are never satisfied.

p.s. the ferry circle is strongly recommended! Double bay area is amazing!

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