Thursday, October 14


I have assignments in need of urgent attention and tonight I decided that I'd start off with a nap (which was very successful! I feel fantastically awake at this time!) and then I'd run through all these crap that need to be done! However, I ended up making dinner! And as I was about to settle for readings, my sister found and cockroach in our room and what was meant to be a 'kill-the-roach-then-back- to- study' turned into... KILL-THE- ROACH- THEN- ROOM- MAKEOVER! I was vaccuming at 12am...spraying a variety of insects sprays. Now we have our window open for circulation and I have started to get cold. Hmmmm..

I wonder when I'd get all these shit done.
Not tomorrow, Oktoberfest!
No can do weekend... So, that leaves Friday. Sweet.

Here are some pictures for you, from me.

 my cam

Jul's cam

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