Wednesday, September 1

we were bored

If you witness some odd picture taking activities on the library lawn last week, please don't fret. I've had a few people tell me that this blog don't go into a certain path, it's erratic and insane at times. But I guess that's how I roll. I do interviews, I write about it, I make series of bad ass things in this world, I talk bullshit about love, I spread a viral event detail. Nonetheless, I hope you like every bit of information here. Because there's only one place it's coming from... my heart (cheeesy!) For tonight (despite the rush to get this ridiculous report out of the way for tomorrow), I decided to test my boundaries and write a post.

This story is about 4 days, 4 ensemble, and 2 girls (more characters near the end because they simply can't resist joining the hype). The aim of this is for you to realise that anything is possible. A pretty decent ensemble can be created within a matter of minutes. There was a strict 15mins preparation time which means that anyone can do it!

This day was an awesome springy day! It wasn't too warm, so keeping it dark was a tickle to my fancy, with a Natalie Wood over sized top, AA circular scarf and black jeans. Mo, always have the colour scheme down pat. Mimco navy bag that goes with anything, printed skirt and gladiator shoes are quite pleasant

This day was deceiving. It looked sunny and warm, but it was rather cold. But took the risk by blowing me away with a simple black dress, matching amazingly with her maroon cardigan, and sick Doc martens. I on the other hand, stuck to variation and warmth! Looking all casual and sporty, i guess... (seriously, what the fart is with the apple!)

Was cold and sunny. Yet Mo and I opted for awesomeness. It may look like im freezing my ass of here, but surprisingly my legs were the warmest. This consisted of a black scraf, Wrangler mini shorts and a simple black cardigan. Mo looked very warm in this! The gray blazer stomped the yard, baby. P.s. I love that beanie!

This ensemble tried to combine uni and birthday dinner. Mo sick Doc Marten's made another appearance and the item that attracted the most attention was her awesome belt. So much detail. I kept this simple and dark, considering the weather. Bassike cotton skirt, black cardigan and my favorite boots, Repetto.

Here are some of the other soldiers that's worth mentioning!

I hope you guys like that? What do you think? Which one would you do? (referring to clothes, of course)


cboi said...

I'd do the last guy staring at his skinny jeans. Hawt. LOL

Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

dont you just love the library lawn?