Tuesday, September 14

I dont do reviews

The same way as I don't normally go to art exhibitions. But last Friday night was the night, level 3 of China Heights Gallery was the place to be and Strobe by Kevin Tran was the thing to see.

Art, much like music, transcends time, space and distance. They speak in a language understood by cultures the world over. Meaning oozes out of every stroke and melody seeps through each shade of color. And curse to the unappreciative eye. A peaceful step into the gallery was not possible, the information 'opening night' on the postcard became a warning almost. But amidst all these friends, family, art enthusiasts and bloggers, stood tall seven new works, Strobe! Lining the old yet modern interiors of China Heights Gallery, seven walls - seven masterpieces! There is no doubt this room was filled with families and friends of Kevin but also his supporters past and present visited with adoration. So you could understand why it was impossible to hold a conversation with the artist for more than two minutes!

To end, the best thing about this is that everyone were bursting with party spirit. So reflecting Kevin's quirky, sleek and bold design, are his friends and family making a fantastic night out of an ordinary Friday to those nestling at home.

So think back to the night of September 3... Were you at home or living life?

Congratulations Kevin Tran. Your designs, charisma and humility will take you anywhere.

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