Saturday, August 7

Splendour in the grass

There aren't enough words to describe the awesomeness of this miniature corroboree of people sharing the same passion for folk, alternative and indie music. Splendour in the grass is one bad ass music festival that my friends and I have never dreamed of attending. Besides it's super expensive tickets, and the almost impossible location - the fantastic line up was what kept us going. Saving every penny in order to afford flights and food has never been so rewarding:) And amazing rewards were what we definitely got.

Being a music festival novice, I didn't expect anything. This could be the reason it was so good but then, come on, have you every seen such a beautiful line up in your life?

The great weekend started off with an exhausting first night - a 7km walk to beat traffic with heavy luggage and setting up tents and all. But let's forget that, Friday night was fantastic with Angus and Julia Stone setting up a sanguine scene beneath the stars, and The Temper Trap ending the night with a happy and sweet disposition. They were just fantastic! I admit that it took a few minutes for Dougy to get his pitch right, but after that, especially when Mumford and Sons joined them for Down River, we all... transcended.
The much anticipated Saturday night began with the potential of missing the two headliners, Florence and the Machine and The Strokes. But a few patient minutes later, we joined the thousands and it went off! I have never seen live music as good as The Strokes' delivery. The marriage of every instrument on that stage together with sick riffs from electric guitarist, Albert Hammond, and the bad ass, Casablancas made this band, the shit and Splendour the place to be!

After having an insane Saturday night, we thought Sunday would be laid back. Oh we were wrong. It was huge! There no better way to start a Sunday morning than waking up completely filthy, having breakfast with some of the most awesome people and be really woken up by the amazing melodies from the local band, Boy and Bear. Besides having no idea who these people were and the only reason we got up to see them was because I was previously told by a dear friend that I will love their music. And love was all we felt. Then we knew it was going to be a big Sunday! The night consisted of insanity by The Vines. Mellowed down for the fantastic Passion Pit and closed with Mumford and Sons who brought the curtains down! Although Empire of the Sun was a slight disappointment live, I am still a fan of their music. No hard feelings.

 This was too awesome to describe. They were basically faces projected on to the tree. As the breeze sweep through it, it made it life-like.
 This was what every night looked like. Julian Casablancas called it 'a cauldron of humanity'

If you can think of a better way to spend a weekend than to wake up to amazing stalls of chai tea, african garments, jewelry, massage parlors, yoga, dread lock parlor, wine bar, big blokes burgers, doughnuts, and coconut juice... let's hear it!

Images was from the Splendour website. To view the complete gallery, full line up info and more amazing shiz, click on

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