Monday, August 23

Fairytales do come true!

It's a little known fact that fairy tales are designed to entice the mind of a child at the same time as modeling good manners. However, in a land not so far away, beautifying the world one jewelry at a time, designer and artist, Natalie McWilliam is Australia's very own gateway to Neverland.

I first encountered Natalie's designs at this year's autumn/winter Finders Keepers and I was breathlessly swept away. Then I followed her into the woods only to find more treasures. Despite the abundance of technology and the precision of laser cutting, she keeps it down to earth and simple, 'my current work is predominately made of anodized aluminium, and all the pieces are hand cut with a small piercing saw'. With such skill, an eye for color and a design focusing on movement and layering, she creates one of a kind pieces that is sure to stay with you for the rest of your stay and beyond. 

The crafty and witty idea of fairy tale jewelries bring about a literal sense of living in a fantasy. We are/have been drawn to classics such as Hansel and Gretel, Goldilocks and The Little Red Riding Hood that there is no doubt her work have brought about smiles to those who've made their purchase. 

Although much of the focus is on jewelry so far, there is nothing stopping Natalie from becoming even more memorable, 'in the future I might make some objects or larger scale pieces for exhibitions, but for now I am making smaller jewelery pieces for people to enjoy wearing'.

Like many artists and all career paths for that matter, there are always challenges. Some bigger than others. And within such a competitive industry, it is the artist resilience and perseverance that paves the road to success.

Natalie's top 3 challenges:
  1. Finding the space to work!
2. Making your designs fit with the tools and materials you have, or can afford. Its hard when starting out to find a balance between what you would LOVE to make, and what you CAN make. Designs often have to be adjusted so you can complete them using the tools you have and the materials you can afford.
3. Finding the time! 
And to wrap up, a conversation with me always ends up being random and weird :)
1. Top 3 things you can't live without
2. If not an artist, what would you love to be?
- Coffee for sure! 
- My family who support everything I do
- My beautiful new Acer laptop! My old one died and I was lost for weeks! 

A chocolatier!   

With an amazing talent and an enthusiastic spirit, there is no doubt that the imagination is the limit for this entrepreneur. As she weaves through the industry, tackling one challenge at a time,  the world will be holding it's breath for an even more amazing set of creations. 
You can keep up with Natalie's design through her flickr photo stream @ Watch out for this monster, bookmark it, add as favourites, whatever. Because I assure you, just as I have been, you will want to be a proud owner of her designs in the future.

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