Saturday, July 3

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a rather fascinating post, from synthesizer. much love.

I know none of whom who dislikes nature. I for one is very much in love with it (besides spiders). I think we're in a time where resources are quite scarce yet the mortality of man is even so, which eventually drives every human being in this planet to fend for themselves. Besides my interest in biology, I really enjoyed studying about the effect of nature from English in high school. I think I definitely would've been a romantic and gothic during the time. Then in the 60s, I'm pretty sure what I would've been. That's taking into account the idea that I would've lived through the mass extinction of gypsies and pagans:) Alright, anyway my point, in relation to the post is that - it's not so much as the constraints society places on us and that we find solace in the presence of nature, but it's the fact the we let ourselves feel like we're being dictated to.

I find it really interesting how the awarded movies, books and poetry these days are about breaking away from these perceived  societal 'rules'. I would like to see an attempt to work with society rather than rejecting it. It's been pondered that perhaps the reason why humans have remained quite successful in this world (opposed to birds, lions and fishes) are our ability to socialise. And with this, we've evolved into having language, and this fantastic power to create. I'm not ignoring misdemeanors associated with this ability, it's simply not important right now. Everyday, we try to break free from the 'norm' that we think is stranggling us, but the truth of the matter is - we love this shit. We do nice things, to belong.

If you disagree, find me a person who finds happiness without the feeling of belonging.

My advice: love nature and love the people around you. appreciate all objects great and small and seize the moment. Doing this is hard and there's only a select few who does or have done it and that is the reason we will never be at peace.

But who needs peace? Peace is boring. We have this nature of being insatiable. We lust for complication and challenges. (A topic for another day).

Now, please enjoy these lovely images of Sydney in winter.

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