Saturday, July 17

all you want to do is make things

I've picked up the oddest projects this break. Odd meaning, I didn't think I'd be able to get myself to actually do it less so as to continue. Ever since I was introduced to fabric covered button jewelry, I have been pushing myself to learn the art and do it for myself and I've finally done it. One day, I woke up with this weird urge to make something. So here is one of the things I ended up with a few days ago, using surgical steel posts, buttons, fabric and super glue.



rox.y said...

these are fantastic!
When can I buy them?! :)

maria.j said...

What she said :)
I would like to pre-order some please.
YUK we have to go to school tmrw!

michelle. said...

thank you ladies!. Glad you like it:) Will make more and start supplying soonish