Thursday, June 17

white is beautiful

My partner in crime have introduced me to the Selby quite a while back, but I've only realised now, how amazing it is. The one that lifted me of my feet (or led me to fall off my chair) was the feature on interior designers, Lyndsay Caleo and Fitzhugh Karol's home (June 9 2010 issue). At first, what attracted me was the suspended room in the upper left corner. It's just amazing. I was completely blown away.

Then, I decided to explore abit more and I just found these and I felt like I fainted. All these years, I've been looking at the knife stand in the kitchen and I've been wondering how it could look... better! And this bad ass comes along and, for once in my life, I have been brought completely speechless by such a clever idea.

thank you theselby for the lovely images

less is indeed more.

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