Monday, June 7

to the designers

who only love their work and no one else.

Just like music, my fascination for people goes well beyond comprehension. My taste in music goes from African tribal to the hard hitting hip hop. This is also apparent in my choice of people. But the main focus of today is only a group of those. Much of this will be stereotypical but, if you hang out with enough of them you'll see where I'm going. So first of all, let me introduce them as - designers. I've met some of the best ones and some who just melts your heart with their talent and humility. However, what fascinates me are how others (mainly most) have a very crude and a strong sense of narrow-mindedness. For an interest that is largely subjective, you expect them to be quite open to many ideas and absorbing to criticism, but no. Unfortunately, pride dominates a great aspect of these people's lives.

You may say, well... isn't that everyone? That's you. This is what I think and this is my blog.


Bianca-San said...

LOL! i hope this one isn't about me!!! but yes i totally understand what you're talking about :-) (takes one to know one! EEK!!!! hahahah)

michelle said...

oh Bianca, you make me laugh. But man you designers are definitely a handful;)!