Monday, June 28

I don't feel like sleeping

Ok lets face it, there will never be an inappropriate time to post awesome things one this blog. Whether it be a protruding eye due to continuous exposure to light from the sun, tv, laptop, phone or even that innocent iPod. Also not durin exams or that week I had a billion things due. I just have a few things to say.

1) Goodluck to the arch kids tomorrow. Why architecture is assessing through a multiple choice exam is beyond rational reasons. I mean multiple choice, really? Nonetheless, you guys smash that shit!
2) Justin and Monique- hurry up and get the exam done with exploding fireworks(in the pants!!!) and let's grab some beers!
3) Kevin Tran will be exhibiting his works very very soon! (watch his space for more information)
4) My tolerance for chocolate warrants further research.
5) 'Are you serial?' is not English nor can be translated to any other language. Same goes for 'should of' , 'free'(as three), and 'libary'. Hmm
6) What is with drama shows and there inability to depict a proper chain of conversation especially in an argument? The next time you watch your lovely drama, observe how the argument is being handled. You might find yourself shouting 'just tell him!' 'shut up' or 'that's not how you say it', so watch out
8) catching up on Dexter is doing me good. Hmmm blood.
9) Will have a few more movies to watch! Which reminds me, I used to post movie reviews in this blog. Hmm I should start that again! First, I shall find these posts and label them. For easy access (in the pants!!)
10) let's do this naggers!!

It looks as though I'm not in a proper fram of mind so ladies and gentlemen, I bid you farewell.

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