Saturday, June 12

fat frank

I've left the phone to study, but it seems like this post cannot wait for another delay. I've been tossing and turning as to what kind of bike I should get- brand new, second hand or refurbished; what colour- black, white or red; where- ebay, kensington, tokyo bike, online; budget- $350, $650, $770 or $1889. And I could keep going on and on. In which case, I should just not worry about anything and just let it ride. I definitely will, after this post perhaps?
Comes in black and cream.
This baby is definitely an investment. Schwalbe's Fat Frank is identical to it's cousin, Big Apple thus rolling with amazing ease. This is meant to absorb those road bumps with the comfort of balloon tires. If it's ease, comfort and a relaxed bike ride is what you want... I think this is it.
Hmmm. Oh, money.

first seen at

p.s. before you click on the link, prepare yourself to be blown away.

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