Thursday, May 27


The Life Pursuit, Belle and Sebastian is the album of the week for me. Although most of my nights have been spent rushing through every essay due within a few hours/ days and listening to Linkin Park, Madina Lake, Story of the Year and Trivium, I'm currently in a relaxed state and I choose Belle and Sebastian. A Scottish pop/indie band formed in 1996.

It has this awesome summery/hippie feel to it. Exactly what you need in a dreary winter day. Capturing the best of the 60's, Bob Dylan and Beatles guitar riffs, you can't go wrong. When I close my eyes while listening to the songs (currently playing, White Collar Boy), this is what I see:

it's a hot afternoon. music pumped to the max. road trip. boyfriend driving. windows rolled all the way down. hair violently surfs with the wind.

It's onto the next song, The Blues Are Still Blue - and it's amazing!

I really really like this!

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