Monday, February 15

there's always something and someone better.

wow. my moleskine has definitely served me well. It has only been 1 and a half month of 2010 and I'm writing like, my funeral is tomorrow and my death is next week. amazing.

one day, this is what i came up with,

' There comes a point where you just know the end of something. No need for "the ends" and "goodbyes" there's not even a room for the credits. She just stopped saying "I miss you". And we got used to the new routine - floating. That's when you really know there's nothing left. That was the day I realised two things: 1) She no longer cared for me. 2) I miss her more than ever.

Nothing ever survives on a one way road. So for now, these bricks & cement will keep me safe - hidden. '



cathy said...

wow i love it michelle x x

mrs said...

thanks cat ;)