Thursday, February 11

The Ampersand


This week has been really ... odd. I've visited places I haven't been to for a long time and I realised that we view things differently the second time as to how we saw them the first time. Just the other day, I went to my old school's train station just as classes finished for the day. And this sudden flush of various memories and emotions flooded me as I walked down the steps glancing at the students passing by. I was once, you. It's only been, 3 years and yet it feels like a lifetime ago.

Just today, I visited my beloved, the ampersand cafe & bookstore at Paddington. The familiarity was there, so was the right aura. But there was something very different this time. I'm assuming it's because, I've never been there during such a hot climate. I found the place on a winter day and have been bringing friends there during the second half of last year. But today, it was actually the first day I've been there on a really sunny and boiling day. The perfect familiarity came to me as the wind brushes past me as I take a sip from my cup of coffee. To suggest the slight unfamiliarity, they didn't have my chicken pesto nor chicken ceasar salad on the menu. Even my choice of coffee was different this time around. Hmm. But overall, it was very very fascinating.

Speaking of fascinating things. I was told that I am abit of an 'anti- conformist' without good reason. My logic to me, makes sense. I mean for example, I have a disdain for credit cards. I've seen people in debt because of it. I've also seen people love it. My logic is that I won't get one because I don't want to be in debt. I also love the idea of spending my hard earned cash instead of spending something borrowed. Is that so twisted? Yes, I guess, it also comes down to my lack of trust towards myself and this fetish for all things that glitter. But I never said:

credit cards = debt

what I'm trying to reiterate is that

[me (impulsivity)/inhibition deficits] + credit cards = trouble (debt)

Is that so bloody hard to understand?
Now, to all you people out there who think this is just a preposterous idea, if I could swear, I'd say... fart.

On a very different note, Tegan and Sara are coming! Friday, 7th May 2010 @ Bigtop Luna Park. Tickets go on sale tomorrow 9am. I will see you there, baby

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I love them. They're the best.