Friday, January 22

time is never ending

There are times where we get so caught up with everything around us that time feels superfluous - a feeling of having so much time but so little to do - And it's not until you start wasting it that you realise it could have been used doing something better, more fun and worthwhile. But, almost always, our realisation comes too late.

I finished Scrubs season eight today and JD's second last thought was awesome! He said something along these lines:

Almost nothing lives up to our expectations. We have this innate desire to be treated better than others. A belief that everything we do is very important and that people hang on to our every word or that they care about what we think. But most of the time, no one cares. And we should just be grateful if we even occassionally get to make someone, anyone feel a little better. After that, all that matters are the people you let, into your life.

I'm told that there will be Scrubs season 9. But I don't believe any of those until I see the trailer for episode 1. Hopefully there is. But one thing's for sure, this show is amazing and Zac Braff is a fantastic actor.


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