Thursday, January 7

hmm nothing comes to mind

Although another year has begun, I am still in the habit of not doing any work unless my room is clean and clear of all the clatter. Just a few days ago, I decided to 're- do' my bookshelf. At first I tried arranging it according to colour, then I realised how stupid that idea was. Then I started arranging it alphabetically based on author. During half time, I realised how common that arrangement was. Finally, I settled for alphabetical order according to title.

'It's guy love, guy love between two guys.' 'Were as close as the vena cava and aorta'

There are just some things in life that is beyond your control. Like people's view on a personally compiled CD: should it be superfluously given to anyone or should it be more personal and confined within a niche of friends or, should they be an intimate gift to an 'important' person. Sometimes you should just accept that your views are not necessarily shared by many. And, although you can decide who to give Christmas cards to, the 'receiving' a card back is the uncontrollable part. I guess you'll just have to accept that there has to be a balance.

Although it may seem that I care about this issue - initially yes, but now - frankly, I couldn't care less. I just wanted to have a rant about it- because this blog is about anything and everything.

First music purchase of the year: A Book Like This, Angus and Julia Stone. Highly recommended. Down to earth sound, perfect for chilling out this summer and staying in with a cup of coffee in winter. $10

I had a dream that you were gone

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synth. said...

'you know i'll miss you when you're gone' :) love that song, and mango tree, wasted and just a boy
got home today mich! :) can't sleep, my brain doesn't know wat time it is. shall be seeing ur lovely self next week. Big Day Out this friday!! takecare and cyaa soon love