Wednesday, December 16


hard is an ugly word.

I think working hard and studying hard are the main ingredients for self esteem suicide. Once upon a time, a wise person said to me that it is not good to work hard, instead work wisely. Everyone misunderstands the difference between the two. I agree with the statement because of two things, first, failure. Success is a one- way street, you ace it and that's it, you got it. But failure, you can fail to the left, to the right, down, and diagonally. It's basically everything else besides success. And the worst thing that can happen to the efforts you've put into something, is for it to be 'not good enough'. Because of this, if you work on something too hard, the slap in the face you get when you fail hurts more than expected.

Second reason is expectation. The moment we decide to work hard on something, we automatically generate an expectation. And this is a mistake. One must never expect anything, because life is never what you expect.

So working hard and studying hard makes you blind to the negativity that can arise from it and it allows you to generate these false expectations from yourself. Therefore, one should work wisely. By doing this, your 'getting screwed rate' dramatically decreases.

When you think about it, you pour all of your efforts into something. You expect it to be great, but then life decides to become a bee* and you get fart*. But it's not one of those good farts* where you fall and you 'pick yourself up and try again', it's the bad fart*, the one that feels like being ass raped.


1) Know what you want.
2) Work according to what you want.
No more, no less. Everyone is happy

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