Saturday, December 26

five days, less than a week

shouldn't be that bad. right?

Tonight, I attended the party of the year. Food was incredible. Tables filled with amazing classic asian food some of which are, honey chicken, salt and pepper calamari, sushi (I know! Have you ever been to a party serving sushi? huh?), turkey, spring rolls, noodles (pansit), ceasar salad and I could go on, but I don't know most of the dishes. This night shall forever stay in the history book for the night I tried out oysters. First time in my life. Verdict? Well let's just say I'm indifferent to it. I am definitely open to alternative forms of preparing it. Maybe a little bit more lemon and 'less leaving it in the mouth- more swallowing' ritual:)

Did my second round of amateur bar tendering. The last time, it was a party I co-hosted so, no one expected anything from me. But this time, my friend managed to make it sound like I was a professional and so his parents thought I was and then it spread throughout 150 people. Most of which are family members. With a medicine cup used as a jigger, this bit of the night, was abit tormenting for me. However, I won't complain, because I got a fair share of drinks and I managed to create some loyal customers who loved my white lady, margarita and cosmopolitans.

In the entertainment arena, there was karaoke, raffle and 'rock band'. Pool was subliminally out of bounds for us 'younger' ones. But overall, amazing party.

Boxing day is my favourite public holiday. Normally, on a public holiday, many shops cease trading, however, on Boxing day, they start/continue trading! So, the city is busy and there's alot of people:) Crap thing about it are the queues! Went to visit Tribe's Side PLATE cafe, but unfortunately, they close on this otherwise the most awesome day. It's on the way to uni, so this will definitely a stop in the future.

This week, I will be on a mission.

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