Thursday, November 19

a red balloon

The first and last thing I saw was a red flicker as I stare up at the sky.
Although I've only managed to catch a glimpse of this entity,
I knew exactly what it was.
Then I wondered how it would feel to have all that power to defy gravity itself.
This balloon did not have a set path to take,
yet it surpassed everyone in the city.
Light as a feather
it swayed to and fro with the wind.
It saw children with their ice creams,
a girl and a boy finally telling each other what they feel,
a murderer, a nun, a thief,
and it saw the unconditional love of a mother for her child.
It did all these, unintentionally - without purpose.

I gasp for air,
and sit here silently
waiting for you to look up and see
red balloon.

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